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Mystical Landscapes: The Holy Land As a Spiritual Refuge

Mystical Landscapes: The Holy Land As a Spiritual Refuge

Israel is one of the most sacred, spiritual, mystical, and holy lands on the face of the earth. Walking around the ancient cobblestoned alleyways of the Old City of Jerusalem, visitors of all faiths and religious levels find their spirits stirred; their souls awakened in a new way. Home to the Dome of the Rock, the Western Wall (also called the Kotel or the Wailing Wall), and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, all within steps of each other, Jerusalem is the bedrock of monotheism - deeply holy to Muslims, Jews and Christians.

The fascinating Western Wall tunnel tours take you below street level to the winding, interconnected caves and ancient underground passageways to be as close to the Ancient Temple’s ‘Holy of Holies’ as humanly possible.

In northern Israel, in the ancient city of Sefad (also spelled Tzfat), the doors are painted turquoise to ward off evil spirits. This is where the Great Isaac Luria founded kabbalah in the 15th century, and mystics, artists and hippies have been calling the hilltop city home ever since.

In the south, followers of all faiths pray at the auspicious tombs of the forefathers and foremothers, great rabbinic sages, and holy biblical figures, hoping to anchor their prayers in the merit of their blessed memories.

In the east, Christians immerse in the waters of the Jordan River where Jesus was baptised. And the quiet expanses of the pristine desert landscapes of Israel transcend religion; the perfect setting for reflection and meditation.