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Mini-Journeys: For Travelers with Limited Time

Mini-Journeys: For Travelers with Limited Time

When time is of the essence and a tighter schedule is in need, Travel Composer crafts condensed, precisely customized short trips to include only the experiences that are the most significant for you.

Our mini-journeys are perfect for European travelers on a long-weekend, wedding guests with a few extra days, or business travelers looking for a meaningful add-on.

Tight itineraries can still include highlights such as the Old City mystical tunnel tours, the wineries of the Jerusalem hills, eating cherries off the bush as you overlook Syria on a geo-political jeep ride in the Golan Heights, a chef's dinner and home-hospitality in Tel Aviv’s bohemian Neve Tzedek, a visit to the ancient stone Treasury cut into the Petra mountainside made famous by Indiana Jones, tasting the hidden gems of the shuk, floating in the Dead Sea, climbing Masada or star-gazing in the desert after dinner in an authentic Bedouin tent.