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Private, Customized Events: Nestled in the Israeli Landscape

Private, Customized Events: Nestled in the Israeli Landscape

Travel Composer specializes in weddings, bar/bat-mitzvot, and corporate travelers' events, handling every detail so you can focus on the gravity and content of the occasion.

We have coordinated white-linen tablecloth dinners for 50 in a stalactite cave, celebrations under the yellow desert moon with impossibly fresh white flower arrangements overflowing the tables, sunset weddings nestled in the Caesarea ruins, rooftop birthday parties perched above the bustle of Tel Aviv, corporate events on the hilltops of  ancient wineries, and traditional Shabbat dinners overlooking the Old City in Jerusalem’s prestigious Mishkenot Ananim neighborhood.

We’ll even suggest the best signature Israeli cocktails, sourcing the freshest ingredients from local markets. Our favorite of the moment: arak and fresh-grapefruit juice with mint.