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Fantastic by Anatoly Michaello

One-of-a-Kind Restaurants & Bars You Won’t Find Anywhere Else


This newly-opened signature cocktail bar and restaurant is already a locals’ hotspot with otherwordly drinks that soar way above diners’ expectations and a menu to match. The brainchild of Ariel Leizgold, an imaginative and award-winning Israeli mixologist, Fantastic, blends the dark intrigue of “Alice in Wonderland” with adult escapism and some mean cocktails, featuring innovative ingredients and combinations. Reservations in advance are highly recommended.


T House Saloon & Garden

The new T House in the ZOA complex is a specialty cocktail bar with rotating djs and all the cocktails are crafted from freshly prepared tea extracts. Designed in the shape of a ‘T’ with different rooms and various vibes, there are also plans to house an underground tea club. The place now serves as an Asian culinary bar with 20 dishes on the menu and its  courtyard includes a street food truck offering yakitori skewers, buns, noodles, shrimp popcorn and more.


For those looking for an experiential dining spot that continuously surprises with innovative fare and gorgeous presentation, OCD lives up to its name, offering a meticulous dinner experience. Expect the freshest flavors that pop and an intriguing communal atmosphere that creates an instant intimacy amongst diners; the seating structure offers one area where everybody eats together at the same time. This top-notch restaurant is one of the most talked about experiences in town, so make sure to nab those reservations early.



Eyal Shani reigns as one of Israel’s most beloved chefs, for his poetic verses on food and his inexplicable ability to take the most basic local ingredients and make them taste like pure heaven on a plate (or in most cases, in a pita). HaSalon is Shani’s solo project, a grand restaurant, set aside from his other uber-popular, but more hipster/grunge endeavors, that is literally in the middle of Tel Aviv’s nowhere land of industrial businesses and dark alleyways. Open the door to this “living room” of foodie dreams and you will not know where you are, but the onslaught of deliciousness, dish after dish, will forever be emblazoned in your mind and belly. Only open Wednesday and Thursday evenings