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“Israel’s food and flavours are a well-regarded part of the nation’s identity, but the gastronomic evolution taking place north of Tel Aviv is elevating things to a whole new level.”

“Travel Composer is a fabulous opportunity to immerse yourself in a bespoke experience and have a bit of fun along the way!”

“Sand is the founder of a personalized, luxury travel service in which she crafts tours thought Israel for her clients according to their individual preferences and personal taste.”

“If you’re looking to be strategic in planning out the right amount of time in each city, consult an expert like Travel Composer (Israel’s premiere luxury trip planner) who can also advise on attaching a visit to Jordan (and if you do, Petra is a must) and/or Egypt, which should also be on your bucket list.”

“For a long time, it was popular for Jewish tourists, and especially organized missions, to visit Israeli army bases and meet with the soldiers and watch them during their military exercises,” says Sand, the founder of Travel Composer, a boutique Israeli agency that specializes in luxury tours.