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Orient Jerusalem Hotel
Orient Jerusalem Hotel

Best Brand New Hotels
in Israel in 2017-2018

01 AUGUST 2017

We have something to confess. Travel Composer Founder Hani Sand is obsessed with hotels. Like, she knows the jewel-box paint colors on the different floors of the new boutique hotel on Rothschild – and what number thread count sheets are planned for the new Kempinksi. That level of obsessed.


But can you blame her? After all, she was literally raised in hotels – her father’s business brought the family around the world (to Hani’s bio). She also happens to have has impeccable taste, and a deep love of Israel. Marrying all these factors culminates in one undeniable fact: Through this obsession, Hani knows the Israel hotel landscape better than anyone out there today. And lucky for you, she’s more than happy to tell you all about it.


And so, it is with great pleasure (and a promise that we’ll try to find Hani a hobby) that Travel Composer brings you its summary of the best new hotels of 2017, and what we’re most excited to open in the coming year.
With the debut of the iconic Norman and then the fantastically  stylish yet quaint White Villa in 2014, boutique hotels have begun sprouting up all around Israel. Two new properties just opened in Jerusalem: The Villa Brown and

the Atlas Bezalel. The Atlas is a slightly larger property by  Atlas Hotel Chain  and is our choice for best value for your money at approximately $ 230 per night. The location is right in the center of  down town Jerusalem . The Villa Brown feels cozier, housed in a fully renovated historic villa, complete with a cave bar next to the home’s old well beneath the house. Room s start at  $300.


Also by Brown in Tel Aviv is the poppy Poli House by Karim Rashid. The colorful, thoughtful interior design is an Instagrammer’s dream, with rooms starting at  $250. Down the street and around the corner you’ll find the 65 Rothschild – another property by the Atlas  Hotel Chain. The lobby is swathed in sumptuous green palm prints, the breakfast is as plentiful and creative as any other’s we’ve found in Israel, and the rooftop view is magical – especially at night. Rooms are very reasonable, starting at  $210, and even if you don’t book, meet a friend there for breakfast before a stroll down the city’s best pedestrian promenade.


In late 2017/ early 2018, things are really getting exciting. Israel anticipates the arrival of the Setai near the Jaffa clocktower, as well as the W, also in Jaffa, but across from the Ilana Goor museum. For true luxury seekers, The Orient is set to openin Jerusalem  this summer.