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Susu & Sons

A week of burgers
in Tel Aviv

1 JULY 2017

If you’re a carnivore in Tel Aviv, let’s get down to the meat of the issue: you’d be wise not to limit yourself to shwarma and kabobs. The Tel Aviv burger scene is thriving, and worthy of your attention and appetite. The city’s top chefs have been one-upping each other this year, and the result is a delectable stack of options that could keep your itinerary and stomach full for a week. Here are our top picks:


The Meat Bar and Brasserie are the Tel Aviv old guard classics. The former is located in the bustling Sarona market – a foodie’s heaven; come ready to shop, too. The latter is right across from Rabin Square – the perfect place to stop after a day of touring. Expect white tablecloths and great service – and best to make a reservation beforehand if you can.


Vitrina has a line around the corner almost any time of day – which is a good thing. Go with a friend and a cold drink and chat up the crowd as you wait. The Diner by Goocha offers 2 for 1 burgers, hailed by locals as the best deal in the city.

(That is, if you’re not considering the free gorgeous beaches.)  Omer Miller’s Susu & Sons has been in such high demand that they just opened a second location in the old north on the energetic corner of Dizingoff and Arlozorov. Their toppings are far from classic, and include lobster, fried egg, and blue cheese. (If you’re with a health-conscious friend, send them across the street to the colorful Tamara kiosk for the best smoothie of their life.) Grab your snacks to-go and walk west down Arlozorov to the sea.


For fabulous people watching and a sexy vibe, slide into a green leather banquette at Room Service, and wash down the bun with a craft beer or one of their signature cocktails.


Or make your own! For chop meat, Israeli butchers grind up the steak of your choice right in front of you to ensure quality and freshness. It doesn’t get much better than that. Happy eating!