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Egypt - short trip

Egypt - short trip

Extend your Travel Composer Israel itinerary and spend 2-3 days in glorious Egypt. An empire for the ages, our experts agree that now is the best time to experience Egypt. Our private Egypt luxury tours indulge only the best of Egypt’s mysteries and marvels, immersing you in its colorful culture, vibrant bazaars, archeological wonders, and extraordinary architecture.


Travel Composer will seamlessly arrange your air travel, booking you on an unlisted direct flight between Ben Gurion airport and Cairo. Your Travel Composer egyptologist will meet you at the airport, and escort you for the duration of your time. Visit the 4,500 year-old Pyramids on the Giza plateau - the Great Pyramid being the only survivor of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Guarding the Pyramids to the east sits the legendary Sphinx.


With Travel Composer, gain entrance to private excavation rooms, tombs and sarcophagi normally closed to the public. In Cairo, your guide will escort you through the city on a route based on your tastes, visiting both the ancient and the contemporary; bustling bazaars, medieval fortresses, sites of current political import, and of course, the best restaurants this side of the Nile.